Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Minimalistic Methodization, Part III

So I finally made the switch.
I am now Windows free.

Every PC that I own is currently running some form of Linux. I had made the decision this Summer to ditch Windows, 'just got tired of them… tired of hearing about automatic & unexpected upgrades to Windows 10… tired of lack of customization… tired of keeping track of what OS I have on what pc & their OEM numbers & limited times I can install… tired of malware… tired of spyware… tired of playing by their rules…

Now I grew up w/ Windows, I can remember plinking around on 3.1! Like virtually everyone else, I've seen every incarnation of Windows & adapted to them. However, over time it just became too familiar, too predictable, too “safe” for lack of a better term.

I had no problem putting Linux on my other pcs but I always kept my main laptop Windows 7, I was Linus & it was my security blanket; everything could change except that. But now, I had to put my money where my mouth was & make the complete switch.

I found myself surprisingly hesitant. I would sit down at my laptop, ready to install but leave it & come back again in an hour, just looking at it; this went on for 48 hours. What was the problem? Why was I having such a hard time letting go?

The thought crossed my mind several times to dual boot, have both operating systems, then I'd be okay but deep down I knew this wasn't right, at least for me. I needed to be committed.

So at 1:10 am one morning I sat down & just hit “install”, I was scared but I took the plunge.

As the system was installing I began thinking about  why I was hesitant & why some people are hesitant to embrace new things & especially embrace the gospel of grace.

Dual booting can be compared to mixing law & grace, you have both on one PC & you can easily switch back & forth between the two as many people do. “Oh we're under grace but you have to reverence & keep the law”… “Oh we're blessed & redeemed from the cursed but we're cursed if we don't tithe...” “Oh God has forgiven us our sins & He's not holding them against us but if we sin we have to confess them so He'll forgive us...”

One mind.
Two mindsets.
One PC.
Two operating systems.

It's hard letting go of Old Covenant mindsets, it really is; like Windows they're so familiar to us. But there's a whole new operating system called grace that requires just a slight learning curve but it's so much more freeing than you'll ever know & you'll never know unless you make the switch.

This can apply to so many things, not only law & grace but church services as well. I've talked w/ countless elders/teachers/pastors & 10 out of 10 of them are comfortable w/ their Windows church service formats & structures; they won't even consider anything else but they also have no problem dissing those who may prefer a Linux church service (something a little different).

To wrap it all up, I've made the switch to something new, I'm doing a test run on my mobile/minimal pc setup & my computer desk is getting a major overhaul.

Clarity, focus & freshness is the goal & it looks like I'm reaching it ~


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Minimalistic Methodization, Part II

So I was laid up for around 16 days w/ a rather intense bronchial infection, it came out of the blue & really overstayed it's welcome..

As I was pretty much bed-ridden during the first nine days & completely wiped out I decided it was too much work to drag out my old HP Pavillion clunker laptop & my Asus netbook was also out of the question as I have that set up on my standing desk w/ an external monitor & it would be too much trouble to unhook everything so what was left? Then it hit me: my old HP IPAQ 110 & IGO Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard.

It worked perfectly & I realized how much I missed using this thing. The last time I had used it was at Panera Bread & one of the waitresses came by & said it was the coolest thing she'd ever seen, or perhaps she said cutest; I couldn't tell…. it was busy, she was pretty & I was tired; all valid factors in possible miscommunication.

As I blogged last time about cleaning up my desk & the whole minimal pc thing, my thoughts kept coming back to the simplicity of the IPAQ.

It's easy, it's portable & it's cool and/or cute.

There's no distractions either, I do occasionally use the wifi on it & Skype is also installed if I ever need it but for the most part, it's clean, ultra portable & I can really focus on the task at hand.

I realize that most folks would simply use their smartphone as a portable/minimal pc w/ this keyboard but I like my phone handy & off to the side for actual phone calls & texts.

Here's a tip for those that are serious about writing/blogging: 
  • find a dedicated space to work
  • turn off all electronics (tv, mp3 players, DVD players, skype, phone/cell phone, etc)
  • possibly use a program like focuswriter
Sometimes you just have to not only clear the physical stuff off your desk but also clear the distractions from your mind & field of view. After turning everything off around me, I wrote this entire blog on this pocket pc in under 5 minutes & when I was done, it wasn't an ordeal to wrap things up & take a desperately needed nap.

I do believe I'm headed in the right direction w/ this whole minimal pc concept….