Monday, October 31, 2016

The Minimalistic Methodization, Part I

I've been looking at simplifying my life lately & yesterday I sat at my computer desk in my office for a good ten minutes & just looked around at what I have on it; here's what I saw:

  • a desktop pc w/ monitor & speakers
  • a laptop w/ external monitor & keyboard
  • various pictures of family
  • various precision screwdrivers
  • various & sundry decks of playing cards
  • various & sundry sizes of paper clips
  • various & sundry usb cables
  • a pocket pc
  • my wacom tablet
  • keys that go to something
  • a used sheet of sandpaper
  • various Bibles
  • velcro strips
  • new & used batteries, mixed
  • new & used ink cartridges, mixed
  • chopsticks
  • chapstick
  • floppy drives (yes, the old ones)
  • hard drives
  • CDs
  • box of coffee
  • box of hot chocolate mix
  • various & sundry pens, markers & highlighters 
  • various & sundry golf tees
  • practice golf ball
  • cork foosball  
  • various folders
  • various rulers
  • guitar picks
  • my long lost checkbook
  • work gloves
  • scooby-doo figurine
  • automotive touch up car paint
  • 3 wooden alphabet letters
  • various & sundry music theory books 
  • box of gauze
  • a worn copy of “macbeth”
  • playing darts
  • a block of wood

I said to myself, “Self, this is a mess; how did I let it get to this point?”.

Lately I've been researching “minimalistic pc setup” & I do believe that's the route I should go.

Sometimes we just need to come to the point where we realize it's imperative to remove the extraneous, the distractions & just focus.

Jesus broke it down to “Love God & your neighbor”.
Paul broke it down to “Jesus Christ & Him crucified”.
You've heard the creed “To know Him & make Him known”. 

That's simplicity in it's purest, most raw form. None of these minimize the message but they all take a minimalistic approach because sometimes the human mind just needs it broken down into basics.

Getting back to my computer desk let's just get real & practical about this: what do I do w/ all this junk? I was thinking about it & ran across the “10 Things Challenge”. If you don't know what this is I'll tell you: Every week, for 52 weeks, go through your stuff & find 10 things to either throw away or give away; it's that simple. At the end of one year, you've [hopefully] removed 520 items from your home & out of your way.

That's practical.
That's spiritual.
That's do-able.

It's time I started removing the junk & distractions, not just from my desk but from every area of my life ~

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