Monday, December 19, 2016

The Acoustic Superlative

So I came out of retirement & played acoustic guitar yesterday for the Kids Christmas Presentation at my fellowship; it wasn't just any guitar, it was my baby. That's right, I pulled out my Takamine EAN40C; a beautiful 12 string w/ an incredible tone, smooth feel & even smoother sound; in my collection this one was knighted "Lord of the Strings".

Though I learned to play & to worship on electric guitar (which will always be a part of my musical DNA), there's something special about this acoustic; I can equally rock the house and/or worship w/ this thing. I hit one chord & I'm instantly in another realm, no other guitar in my collection even comes close…

Now yesterday, I could have easily chosen to play my other acoustic: a 6-string, slightly beaten up & weathered Washburn  that has been exposed to some extreme weather conditions & other such extreme dangers as unattended children; however, I decided to bring my best, the most precious thing I own & offer it.

I think you can see where I'm going w/ this thing…

God brought the best He had in Jesus.
The Magi brought the best they had. 

There's countless other examples of people bringing/offering up their best, whether that was unto God, unto children or unto “the least of these”. To be honest, I was surprised to even be asked to play & if I'm asked to play for anything else, you can be assured I'll bring my best.

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